About Atlanta Superior Home Inspections

About Atlanta Superior Home Inspections
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We know what an important investment a home is. Whether you’re buying or selling, having a home inspector that you can trust by your side through the process is crucial to making sure your home is in the best shape possible to make the sale or become your next dream home. 

At Atlanta Superior Home Inspections, we have world-class, certified, and accredited home inspectors that are here for you when you need us. When many other home inspectors would miss important details about your home, we go the extra mile. Many things often get overlooked and can be devastating to the sale of a home. 

Not only do we cover all the standard home inspection services you’ve probably heard and know about, but we also offer specialty inspection services that cover things that the average home inspector won’t even know to look for. The safety and security of your family is the most important thing. So, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, let Atlanta Superior Home Inspections go the extra mile to make sure your home is the best it can possibly be. 


Why Use Atlanta Superior Home Inspections? 


The simple answer is, we go above and beyond the traditional home inspection. We uncover problems and potential issues that other home inspectors will miss. We then give you a detailed report of the problems and possible solutions to know precisely what you’re dealing with before you enter into a contract for a home. 

What’s more, Our customers are customers for life. Once you work with us one time, we’re there for you whenever you need us. Whether you just need a little advice on how to deal with a common household issue, or you’re ordering an inspection on your 50th house, we’ll be there. 

If you don’t call us for our standard home inspection services, then you’ll want to contact us for our specialty services. 

Lead, radon, and asbestos aren’t found as often these days as they used to be, but they can still be a clear and present danger for homeowners and home buyers. These items require proper equipment and techniques to detect them, and prolonged exposure can lead to severe health issues and even death. Don’t take chances with the health of you or your family. Contact the home inspectors you can count on to find the problems you’re worried about. 

Radon is particularly dangerous as it can seep into your home from the soil underneath it and make you sick gradually over time. It can also contaminate your water supply and make every drink of water you take a potential health hazard. Detecting radon takes a special approach and knowledge of what to look for. It isn’t something you’d find in a normal home inspection. 

Lead and asbestos are also both harmful agents. Lead can be found in the paint and siding of many older homes and is toxic and can be very harmful. Asbestos is a type of insulation and building material that was widely used for many years. Like lead, it is highly toxic and very dangerous to be around. Finding these problems, like with radon, takes a trained eye and the right equipment. 

Any of these three problems will require special care to remove and fix and can be quite expensive to treat properly. However, if you don’t find them, you could be risking the health of your loved ones. 

When you’re ready to get a home inspection that goes above and beyond the norm, give Atlanta Superior Home Inspections a call.