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When you need a commercial inspection, you want it done right, and that is where Atlanta Superior Home Inspections can help. We are a local company that helps local businesses by ensuring that the buildings they plan to purchase or sell meet local municipality building codes. We also complete an inspection report that will point out areas that need immediate attention, repair, or upgrades.


Pre-Purchase Inspections


Whether you plan to purchase a large commercial property or a small building, a commercial building inspection is the one thing that will help you to identify repairs that need to be done immediately or can be deferred. This will help you understand what you can expect when purchasing a commercial space and where you may be able to negotiate a better price, particularly if expensive repairs are needed in the immediate future.

Of course, if you are leasing a commercial building, a post-lease inspection can help you get back a hefty damage deposit from the landlord if they are hesitant. You can provide them with a copy of the report and tell them that you took great care of the property as a commercial tenant. At Atlanta Superior Home Inspections, we provide comprehensive full-service building inspections that encompass all commercial property inspection types.


Atlanta Superior Home Inspections – Pre-Purchase Inspections


When you are trying to make a solid decision regarding purchasing a commercial property, you will consider the size, location, and available parking. It is essential to keep the potential repair costs in mind because if you have to replace the roof or the HVAC, these can be extremely expensive. When you have Atlanta Superior Home Inspections complete your commercial inspections, you do your due diligence before finalizing a retail property purchase. You can relax knowing that you are making an informed decision on your investment.


Leasing a Property?


Atlanta Superior Home Inspections can perform and pre-lease and post-lease inspection reports for both landlords and tenants. When it comes to a long-term lease, tenants might be held responsible for many of the repairs that need to be made to the commercial space. Before signing a long-term lease, tenants need to know if there are any problems with the building that they will be expected to repair. Tenants will also want to show landlords that the building is being returned to the landlord in the same condition it was in when they leased it by ordering a post-lease commercial inspection.

Landlords rely on these inspections to know that their building is being returned to them in good condition after a lease is completed. Atlanta Superior Home Inspections conducts these inspections using an unbiased approach that provides proof in a document of any damage to a commercial building, including the potential for future repair costs and the eligibility of a tenant for a refund of the deposit that they paid at the start of the lease.


Atlanta Superior Home Inspections Inspection Reports


Our inspection reports include an assessment of the various components of a commercial building, presented in an unbiased manner. The aspects of the retail space that we inspect and comment on include:

  • The foundation and the structure of the commercial building;
  • Landscaping and irrigation system;
  • Exterior signage;
  • Main doors
  • Freight doors
  • Dock area
  • Plumbing and pipes
  • Electrical system;
  • Exhaust venting;
  • Roof condition and the life remaining
  • HVAC system
  • Parking structures / paved areas/markings
  • Escalators and elevators

When Atlanta Superior Home Inspections completes your commercial building inspection, you will receive a report with high-resolution digital photos for your records. We can create a custom inspection service to suit what you need. The property inspection is designed to identify and communicate the commercial property condition and a description of the various components set out on the inspection form. The maintenance issues are some of the most critical aspects of the completed report. You should be aware that a commercial building inspection report is not exhaustive as there will be no excavation, removal of panels, or covers that form an obstruction. Any hidden defects may not be seen during a commercial building inspection.