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If you’re buying or selling a home, the first thing you should do is contact a certified home inspector like the ones at Atlanta Superior Home Inspections to make sure your house is in tip-top shape. Not only is a quality home inspection good for the buyer, but it’s good for the seller as well. Identifying potential home hazards is the perfect way to fix issues before they get worse and maximize potential profit on your home. 

For sellers, a home inspection is crucial so that you know what you’re getting when it’s time to sign the final paperwork at closing. Having a thorough and complete home inspection done will catch potential problems and give you the time to have them addressed by the seller and either get them fixed or lower the price of the home to cover the costs of the repairs. 


Why Trust Atlanta Superior Home Inspections 


Many folks still think that all home inspections and inspectors are the same. The truth is, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many home inspectors will only inspect certain things in and around a home and aren’t properly trained or equipped to cover particular circumstances. Sure, you could go with an average home inspection and hope they don’t miss anything. But why would you? 

The experts at Atlanta Superior Home Inspections are nationally recognized and will go out of their way to check for issues that many inspectors miss. There are many unseen and hidden problems that most inspectors simply don’t, won’t, or can’t check for. When you want to be sure your home is in the best shape possible, that’s when you need a home inspection from Atlanta Superior Home Inspections. 


Special Things to Look Out For 


Most inspections will not check for unseen problems. This means anything that is hidden behind walls, under the house, in the air, or in the soil. This can leave a lot of problems undiagnosed. Not only will most inspections not check for these problems, but they also don’t know how. 

One common issue that older homes face is lead paint. Without specifically inspecting for it, most inspections will miss if lead paint is present in a home or on the house’s exterior. Not only is lead paint toxic, but it also requires special removal procedures and is illegal if used in a home. 

Another issue is radon, which is a gas that can leak out from contaminated soil and can even contaminate a home’s water supply. Special equipment is required to detect it, and once found, it must be removed using very specific means. This is not a common problem, but one that can be very harmful to residents in a home if it goes unnoticed. 

Asbestos is another problem found in older homes. As a naturally occurring mineral, it was used in the construction of many homes until it was found to be toxic to humans. Since then, it has been banned for use in construction. This doesn’t mean it isn’t still in some older homes. Having an inspection check for the potential of asbestos is crucial to the health and safety of the buyer. 

Like we stated earlier, many inspectors will not check for these problems, or you will need to order a special inspection. We pride ourselves on being there for our customers from the first phone call to the final walkthrough and beyond. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, give Atlanta Superior Home Inspections a call today.