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When you buy an already built home, you will not think twice about completing a home inspection. You will want to know the home’s condition before you commit to the purchase price. This decision may not be as noticeable when you are purchasing a new house. Should you have a new construction inspection completed by Atlanta Superior Home Inspections? You may be thinking that if everything is in new condition and built to the specifications, you provided, why would you need such an inspection?


New Construction Inspection Protects You


The short answer is that you should have a home inspection completed on any newly constructed home. When you purchase a new home, part of your contract includes a final walkthrough with the builder or one of their representatives. The walkthrough will not usually have a thorough inspection. You should consider the home inspection by Atlanta Superior Home Inspections as a contingency on your contract and then ordering your independent home inspection.  You may expect that your newly constructed home will be free of the issues often found in older homes, including plumbing and electrical that should be replaced to meet current building codes. You may be surprised to know that your new home may not be free from issues, and some of those problems may even stem from the fact that your home is newly constructed. 

Contractors work as quickly as they can because the more houses they complete, the more money they make. They want to save money on building materials and take shortcuts, where possible, and this often means that they are just meeting the building code when they construct your new home. Builders also subcontract out to many different vendors because they do not do all of the work themselves. Not all of the vendors that they hire will be completely competent or do flawless work. Mistakes can happen, and this is why you should not assume that just because your home is new that it is perfect.


What Kind of Problems Can a Newly Constructed Home Have?


There is a wide range of problems that a new home might have. The experienced building inspectors at Atlanta Superior Home Inspections know what to look at and which areas should have careful attention as part of their inspection. Some of the most common issues with new home construction are:

  • Screw pops in drywall – faulty drywall product or improper installation
  • Cracks in driveways or sidewalks
  • Issues with drainage (which can lead to flooding or moisture in the basement)
  • Siding installed incorrectly
  • Cracks or gaps in decks
  • Humidity inside the house
  • Moisture problems
  • Doors that stick closed
  • Problems with flooring
  • Incorrectly installed appliances
  • Fixtures not working correctly / low water pressure

City Building Inspectors inspect newly constructed homes, but these inspectors are not constantly examining the fine details. They look at the bigger picture and then pass the components so that the builder can release the home to the buyer. Many buyers do not have these inspections completed because they want to save money or are already stretched thin with all of the financing they need to purchase their new home. Not having a new home construction inspection completed is a mistake because minor problems missed with a thorough inspection can become significant problems.  Atlanta Superior Home Inspections can help with your new home inspection. 


What Can Happen Without a Completed Building Inspection?


Problems will arise if a building inspection is not completed, and some of those problems will be covered under a new home warranty that the builder provides. Most of the issues can be avoided if an inspection is done before the contract is complete.


Is a New Home Construction Inspection Ever a Bad Idea?


If you wonder if it is a bad idea to have a new construction project inspected, that is a fair question. The main drawback to this type of inspection is that it is not offered by the builder, which means that you will need to pay for it yourself. If you involve yourself with the construction, you will see the entire process, which could save you a lot of expense in the end.

Most buyers are not that hands-on, so they need to rely on the builder to ensure that their home is built well and correctly. Having a backup plan with the construction means that you have your inspection done to ensure no deficiencies and everything is done correctly and to local building code before the contract is completed. Suppose you forego your opportunity to have a new home inspection completed with Atlanta Superior Home Inspections. In that case, you do not have the chance to force the builder to correct issues, and once the contact is done, it is solely your problem.