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You may not know this, but Atlanta Superior Home Inspections Service can take care of your inspection needs by completing a thermal imaging survey. Thermal imaging inspections are a good idea and investment when you are planning to purchase your first home. The main reason is that when you are a first-time homebuyer, you need every bit of assistance you can leverage in buying a home. Thermal Imaging is an inspection process where infrared thermal imaging cameras are used to locate small but significant changes in temperature throughout all areas of your home.

This technology helps you identify areas of a home that cannot be placed with your naked eye. The thermal inspection will reveal areas inside the house that show as cold or hot or some temperature in between using a camera that identifies infrared radiation.


Infrared Imaging can Reveal Many Issues.


Moisture is one of the most severe issues inside a home because it can indicate a much more severe problem. It could be that the roof leaks, there is mold in the house, or there are nests of termites or other pests.

Thermal Imaging can also reveal electrical issues and heat or energy loss, leading to high energy bills. Thermal imaging technology can also show where insulation is missing, structural problems, issues with ventilation, and even infestations of rodents.

Locating just a couple of serious issues through a thermal imaging inspection can save you money. What kind of issues can be identified with thermal Imaging? If your roof leaks, water heats more slowly than the roofing materials that surround it. If you look at an image captured of the roof and it does have moisture, the image that is shown from that will reveal the accumulating moisture. Suppose the thermal imaging scan is done in the evening when the outside temperatures start to lower. In that case, the roofing materials will have released their accumulated heat, which is purple or blue on the image.  Areas with moisture will still be warm and appear in orange or red on the image.

You can avoid high energy costs because the thermal imaging inspection will help you identify where cold and warm air is and where you need to make improvements so that the energy efficiency is increased, lowering your energy costs.

Electrical issues can be identified quickly through thermal Imaging conducted by Atlanta Superior Home Inspections, which will add value to the home. It will also help to prevent damage to your property and injury. The resulting image showing electrical issues will have yellow marks, which will indicate where there is damage to the electrical system, making it easy to see.


Thermal Imaging can Identify Structural Defects.


When a thermal imaging inspection is completed on a home, it will quickly identify the structural defects in the house. Walls, ceilings, and floors are all scanned using the thermal imaging camera, determining the differences in the temperature within those areas. These images will identify missing structural components and portions within those components that are damaged. If insulation is missing or basement walls are wet, those issues will also appear on the thermal imaging scan.

Atlanta Superior Home Inspections thermal imaging inspections provide valuable information to prospective buyers of a home and the owner alike. Thermal home inspections must be interpreted by an experienced professional who understands the sources of error in certain areas, including reflected heat and dry regions.

When you plan to purchase a home, you can save yourself a lot of headache and heartache by having an infrared thermal imaging home inspection completed. The seller does not want unexpected issues to come up, so these assessments can benefit them too because it shows them where they can make improvements to the home to make it more attractive to potential buyers. If you are thinking about having a thermal inspection completed, contact Atlanta Superior Home Inspections, we have experience with these inspections.