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Excited to purchase and move into your new home? While aesthetics and general engineering are essential in choosing a house, you should also focus on less visible aspects like electrical wiring. Examining the property’s electrical setup helps prevent any danger to you and your family and unnecessary expenses in the future. At McDonough Home Inspections, we provide quality electrical inspections to help protect one of your significant investments. Contact us today, and we’ll promptly address your electrical and other home inspection needs! 


What Do Electrical Inspections Include?


To spot and prevent any issues with the home’s electrical system, we perform careful inspections, including the following: 

  • Primary electrical service panel and breaker: Our team of experts will check for loose connections, faulty devices, and other potential risks within your old or new home.
  • Electrical outlets: We verify whether ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are installed to mitigate the chances of electric shock and if they are in the right locations. Grounding and signs of damage, including loose switch plates and discoloration, will also be examined.
  • Electrical wiring: Safe wiring and proper installation should be confirmed. There must be no overloaded power strips, wrongly used extension cords, and other potential hazards.
  • Circuit breakers: Our experienced electricians will check whether the breaker could keep currents at safe levels and identify possible corrosion, damage, overheating, and other mechanical and structural issues.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: We also verify whether smoke detectors are properly placed, updated, and are functioning well. 
  • Exterior electrical systems: To keep you from possible harm once you move into your house, we perform electrical inspections indoors and outdoors. 

After the electrical inspections, McDonough Home Inspections will give you a detailed report of the results to help you see what’s best for your family. 


When To Get Electrical Inspections


Unsure when you need electrical inspection or if you even need one? It is necessary if any of the conditions below apply to you:

  • Selling your home: You wouldn’t want to miss a great deal just because you haven’t checked your house’s electrical system. Electrical inspections also help build your credibility as a seller.  
  • Buying a home: Getting a comprehensive electrical inspection before purchasing a new home helps you verify whether you are making the right investment. You can also avoid any potential risks along the way. 
  • Getting new appliances: This means more sources for convenience and enjoyment. However, before adding a new appliance to your home, make sure the upgrade is possible and that the current electrical system can hold the machine without any problems.  
  • Performing main renovations: While undergoing home renovation is exciting and fulfilling. You should make sure your home’s electrical system can handle it. A careful electrical inspection will also let you know what kinds of upgrades are needed to keep your home not only aesthetically appealing but also safe and strong. 
  • Living in an old home: If your home was built over four decades ago, chances are it no longer meets the current electrical standards. With an electrical inspection, you’ll know what needs fixing.  


Why Should You Have an Electrical Inspection?


Electrical inspections may not be the first thing that comes to mind when getting a new home or selling your old house. However, getting a trusted electrical inspection provider in McDonough, GA, allows you to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Ensure safety for the whole family
  • Spot common electrical errors of contractors and former homeowners
  • Fix fire and safety hazards before moving in our out
  • Identify and address outdated wiring, like aluminum or knob-and-tube
  • Save energy costs
  • Avoid huge repair expenses in the long run

Knowing that the electrical system in your house is safe and seamless gives you confidence that you are making the right choice for the whole family. 

Why Work With Us for Your Electrical Inspection Needs?


Despite various electrical inspection companies in the city, McDonough Home Inspections still stand out through the following features and characteristics: 

  • Consistent, top-notch electrical inspection services: Whether you’re selling or buying a home, we help you decide wisely through our extensive electrical inspection services. McDonough Home Inspections also offers full home inspections, HVAC inspections, plumbing inspections, and pre-listing inspections to satisfy every homeowner’s needs. 
  • Our hardworking team of experts: We have the most qualified electricians and home inspection professionals who will help confirm that your home is move-in ready. From properly educating you of the house’s issues and proper solutions to presenting comprehensive reports, we’re equipped to give you a smooth home buying experience.     
  • Locally owned home inspection company: As your local electrical inspection expert, we prioritize your wants and needs and help you enjoy a better home and community.   
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction: McDonough Home Inspections is proud to serve happy homeowners in McDonough, GA, and other neighboring cities with our attention to detail, dedication, and expertise. 


Get Electrical Inspection Straight from the Experts


Whether you’re purchasing, selling, or renovating your home, getting first-rate electrical inspections will save you from unnecessary stress and spending. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help ensure the safety of your McDonough home!