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Do you know how important your foundation is to your home? A slight shift can impact many aspects of your home, causing unsightly and dangerous cracks and other problems. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of when they even have a potential problem with their foundation. Simply put, the foundation of your home is the lowest part that bears the entire house’s weight. It keeps your home from enduring some of the worst possible damages. When something goes wrong, it can be disastrous to deal with, so you should make sure you know how to identify where problems may exist. 

One of the services we provide at Southwest Atlanta Superior Home Inspections is foundation inspection. We know how important this service is for homeowners throughout Southwest Atlanta, and we want to be the experts to give you peace of mind every step of the way. Our foundation inspection allows us to indicate any problems that may exist, including cracks, sinking, upheaval, gaps, and more. If you experience a foundation problem, our inspection services can help you understand the issue and underlying cause so you can work to get the proper fix for your home.


When Is the Right Time to Inspect My Foundation?


To be fair, there’s no real wrong time to have an inspection performed on your home’s foundation. Unfortunately, there are several reasons problems can arise that cause your foundation to shift at any given time. You can call at any time to schedule a foundation inspection if you feel you have a problem if you just want peace of mind, or you are unsure of potential issues that can arise. Aside from when is the right time to choose foundation inspection, it’s just as important to have the right team for the job. The foundation inspection is one of the most integral parts of home maintenance, so getting a professional out quickly can be essential to your home. 

There may be some times when it’s more critical to get a foundation inspection, though, including the following: 

  • After a severe storm occurs: Severe storms can bring with them excessive water, heavy winds, and other problems. These natural occurrences can damage your foundation and shift your home from where it previously sat. 
  • When there’s an earthquake: Earthquakes can shift foundations significantly, causing severe problems such as cracks and gaps. It’s crucial to repair a foundation quickly after a big problem, so choosing a professional inspector to help you quickly is imperative.
  • If you experience gaps around windows or jammed doors: Two potential signs of foundation problems are sticking doors and gaps around windows. These issues could indicate that the foundation has shifted significantly and is now causing problems elsewhere.

Why Do I Need Foundation Inspection?


The importance of your home’s foundation cannot be overstated. Your foundation is essential to your home, and the more issues it has, the more dangerous it can be. Understanding the reasons to get a foundation inspection can make it an easy decision for you. Here are some things to consider: 

  • Are you selling your home? Ensuring your foundation is in good shape can help you sell your home for the highest value possible. Inspection can help you get the repairs you need to ensure the best selling experience possible.
  • Does your home have a problem? If you experience gaps by windows, sticking doors, or other problems that could indicate your home shifting and a potential problem with your home’s foundation. An inspection can confirm a problem. 
  • Do you have noticeable damage? Honestly, there are several times where you may recognize damage to your foundation. However, you may be unsure how bad the damage is. Getting a professional inspector out to your property can help you identify just how bad the problem is. 
  • Do other homeowners in your neighborhood have foundation problems? If foundation issues are common in your neighborhood, it could mean that you might experience problems with your home. 

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If you experience a problem with your home’s foundation, it could lead to further damage. Unfortunately, you may not even know these problems exist without getting help from a professional inspector. In many situations, you may go about your normal day without even thinking about the issues you may encounter. A home inspector can give you peace of mind throughout the entire process, ensuring you are getting the answers you need and identifying problems before they become major issues. 

At Southwest Atlanta Superior Home Inspectors, you get a qualified team ready to help you get the answers you need. Ready to speak with a professional home inspector in Southwest Atlanta? We’re here to be your guides! 

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