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Southwest Atlanta Wall Window and Floor Inspection Services
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When most people think of home maintenance and inspection, they think of their appliances and ensuring everything is working properly. However, there are several elements of your home that can experience problems. Performing an inspection is the right move to give you peace of mind or if you intend on selling your home, and your walls, windows, and floors should be a big part of your inspection plans. At Southwest Atlanta Superior Home Inspections, we want to ensure you get the answers you need. 

If you have any problems with your walls, windows, or floors, you want to ensure they are repaired as quickly as possible. Below, we’ll talk about these inspection services and the most important things we look for when performing an inspection. When you know how important it is to get inspections performed, it becomes a no-brainer. Our Southwest Atlanta home inspection experts, work hard to get you answers quickly. 

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Wall Inspections


Your walls are a big part of your home, and rightfully so. They keep your ceiling up and protect you and your family from the natural elements. Any issue with your walls can quickly become devastating, such as cracks, holes, and more. Not only can these issues make your home susceptible to long-term problems. For instance, if you have a leak in your exterior walls and it rains, the water can drip into your property, causing significant water damage. Over time, water damage can lead to mold and potentially other harmful problems within your home.

A wall inspection goes beyond just the exterior of your home. You can’t just glance at the surface and find a problem. Walls can hide issues that you may never even notice and can worsen over time. Whether we need to inspect the surface of the wall or use a camera to look inside your walls, we’ll find any and all problems that may exist, so you know how to get the right repairs.


Window Inspections


If you didn’t know, your windows could do a lot for your home. They keep cold air out, protect your home from the heat, and prevent nature from impacting the inside of your home. If you have a problem where your HVAC is constantly running, or you are paying much more than normal on utility bills, you may have a problem with your windows. It’s crucial to have someone come out who can perform the proper inspection to determine if there is an issue with your windows. Here are some of the reasons you may get a window inspection for your home:

  • You notice that there’s a draft from your window that indicates a potential gap or crack that you don’t recognize. 
  • Your seals are forming gaps around them that cause your window to shift and crack.
  • Your windows are sticking more often than they used to, which could indicate an even bigger problem.


Floor Inspections


You may never know what kind of problems your floors are having unless you get an inspection. Far too often, the problems you encounter may be more difficult to deal with if you notice them only after they’ve gotten worse. Instead, you should ensure you’re getting an inspection performed early to prevent some of the long-term issues that can arise. Here are some of the things you should know about moving forward that a floor inspection can help:

  • Lifting floorboards. You may notice that parts of your floor — either boards or tiles or carpet — are lifting up. It could simply be an issue with the material itself or potentially underlying issues. 
  • Damage under your floorboards. Water damage can be a significant problem in your home, causing damage to your floors, foundation, and more. Make sure you get an inspector who will check all aspects of your floors. 
  • Shifting floors. If you notice that parts of your floor start to shift, it can cause breaks and other problems, and an inspection can help you identify potential issues.

If you need an inspection on your floors, make sure you are working with professionals who know how to determine any and all problems that might exist. Our Southwest Atlanta home inspection experts put your needs first, always working to help you get answers to your potential problems. Southwest Atlanta Superior Home Inspections has been trusted in the area for years, and we’ll go above the call of duty to ensure you get answers and solutions before little problems become big ones. 

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