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Atlanta Superior Home Inspections is a home inspection company that works with you to ensure you get what you need. There are requirements for a home inspection when you get a mortgage on a home you are planning to purchase. Home inspections can uncover expensive issues with your home that could go unnoticed by the people who own the house now.


Are You Planning to Buy a Home?


A home inspection is essential because it offers you an assessment of the home before placing an offer on it. The information that you will receive after we have completed the inspection will be impartial and is essential when you are planning to purchase a property. Having an inspection report in hand before making an offer will protect you from potential issues that can be expensive later on.

With today’s hot real estate market, many offers are being made on homes that are subject-free. With heavy competition, it is crucial to make an offer quickly, and a home inspection can help you do that. Once you have a completed inspection report, you can confidently place an offer on a property.


What are the Benefits of a Pre-Offer Home Inspection?


Atlanta Superior Home Inspections can complete a pre-offer home inspection for you; the benefits are as follows:

  • You can avoid regrets after you make a purchase;
  • You can make an unconditional offer without any hesitation;
  • The chances of costly surprises will be minimized after you make a purchase;
  • If you identify issues, you will have justification to make a lower bid with evidence in hand of known problems that might cost quite a bit of money to repair.

A home inspection entails the careful inspection of various aspects of a home, including:

  1. The structure and foundation – we look for any rot or structural problems with the building, and then we examine the foundation. We are looking for leaks or moisture in the foundation, mainly where water could get into the basement. We will also investigate the perimeter of the basement to search for any sign of black mold.
  2. Plumbing systems and fixtures – we examine the plumbing system to see if it is in good working order. Our plumbing inspection includes checking all drains to see if they flow freely, toilets flush well, and showers and sinks have enough water pressure. We look at all fixtures to see if they need to be updated or have recently been replaced.
  3. Electrical Systems – we examine the wiring in the home to ensure that it is up to code. We also look at the amount of power coming into the house and ensure that it is adequate. We examine the electrical panel, outlets, and lighting.
  4. Heating System – is the home heating with wood heat? Is there electrical heat? Is there a heat pump system? Some heating systems are more expensive to run than others, and some heating systems are energy efficient.
  5. Windows and Doors – are the windows and doors updated? Old windows and doors can let heat escape in the winter and let heat in during the summer. They can lead to more expensive heating costs. Energy-efficient windows and doors are a great way to save some money on electrical costs.
  6. Roof – is the roof in good condition? When was the roof last replaced? We can inspect the roof and see if any leaky areas can lead to more damage to the interior of your home in the future.
  7. Attic – we inspect your attic for unwelcome inhabitants and ensure that all areas where critters could get in are appropriately blocked. We also look for updated insulation and adequate ventilation.
  8. Exterior siding – the siding is inspected to ensure it is properly sealed and is in good condition.
  9. Gutters – we look at the channels to ensure that they are working correctly, are clean, and are in good condition.
  10. Drainage – we examine the home’s perimeter to ensure that proper drain rock is in place and is adequate to drain moisture away from the house.
  11. Hot water tank – we will examine the hot water tank to ensure that it is in good condition. Older hot water tanks can fail and create flooding if their failure is not caught soon enough.
  12. Floors and Walls – we examine these to ensure that they are well insulated and do not have any holes or damage.
  13. Ceilings – we inspect ceilings to look for any staining, which is a good indication of leaks.
  14. Porches and decks – we inspect these to ensure that the wood or other material is in good condition and will not need to be replaced soon.
  15. Fireplace and chimney – if there is a fireplace in the home, we inspect it to ensure that it has been cleaned recently and WETT inspected to ensure it is eligible to be covered under standard home insurance.
  16. Garage – we inspect the garage to ensure that it is well ventilated and can be used for various purposes without any issues.

When you need a home inspection completed, contact Atlanta Superior Home Inspections, we are ready to inspect any home to see what issues you could be dealing with if you plan to purchase that home. Contact us today to see how we can help you.